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USciences Faculty Author Textbook ‘Effective Scientific Communication’

Published on July 9, 2020

Effective Scientific CommunicationCristina Hanganu-Bresch, PhD, assistant director of Writing Programs and professor of writing and rhetoric, and Kelleen Flaherty, former assistant professor of Biomedical Writing at USciences, authored a textbook “Effective Scientific Communication: The Other Half of Science.”

The book focuses on helping scientists better communicate their research. The book primarily addresses undergraduate majors and minors in STEM fields who want to improve their scientific writing skills. 

“Writing composition and the sciences are intricately linked. Without writing, science would not exist -- and could not be funded, communicated, replicated, enhanced, or applied. Further, writing helps scientists (and students) understand the science, explain the results of research in a greater context, and develop new ideas,” reads the book description.

The book will be released later this month.

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