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USciences Community Members Donate Homemade Masks for Essential Employees

By Nicole Carrera

Published on April 29, 2020

Victoria Pobok BI’20, MedHum’20Amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, members of the USciences community have answered the call for donations of homemade masks for essential employees still working on campus. Senior Victoria Pobok BI’20, MedHum’20, and Karen Levinson PhD, Director of the Counseling Center, both stepped up to help.

Pobok shares that her mother taught her to sew when she was young, and it’s something that she has kept doing after her mother passed away. After successfully making a mask for herself, Pobok made a post on her Instagram asking if any of her friends needed a mask. Soon, she had made so many masks that she was out of materials.

“I am so grateful I can help my university and friends in any way” Pobok shares. “And I am so grateful that I got to use one of my little known talents [of sewing] to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Dr. Levinson has been working at USciences since 2004 and was excited at the opportunity to give back to the university community while also having the opportunity to be creative.

Masks made by Karen Levinson, PhDI figured it would be a good creative challenge to experiment with patterns and find one that is comfortable and functional, and make it in fun color combinations and patterns so it would at least be a little fun to wear.” Dr. Levinson explains. “I'm incredibly grateful that my family is healthy and stable, so it's one way I can give back to others who have to be at work and are therefore at greater risk.” 

The masks are being used by essential campus employees including public safety officers and facilities personnel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending the use of cloth face coverings for individuals in public settings. A tutorial on how to create homemade face coverings is available on the CDC website.  

USciences is accepting donations of homemade cloth face coverings for use by essential personnel still working on campus. Completed face coverings can be either dropped off at Alumni Hall to Public Safety or mailed to Department of Public Safety, 600 S. 43rd St., Philadelphia, PA, 19104.

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