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Tim Bowers MT’02, MPH’08 Leads Local Health System's Response to COVID-19

By Casey Ryan

Published on May 19, 2020

Tim BowersTim Bowers MT'02, MPH'08, Director of Infection Prevention for ChristianaCare, has helped to prepare the health system to receive Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients as the pandemic hit Delaware.

Bowers is responsible for overseeing the logistics of preventing infections in patients, including MRSA, while also preventing disease like the flu from spreading within and through the health system, which includes three hospitals and care clinic sites throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

A proud USciences alumnus, Bowers said, “My undergraduate work in Medical Technology taught me what to do and my graduate work in Health Policy taught me how to do it.”  This has been vital to his work in patient safety and of particular importance over the last five months.

In December last year, reports of unusual, severe pneumonia cases in China had Bowers and the team at ChristianaCare concerned. Even before it was identified as COVID-19, Bowers and his team worked to secure appropriate personal protective equipment to prepare in the event that the virus spread similarly to the MERS and SARS epidemics. Because of this preparation, Bowers said the health system was better prepared when cases began appearing in their region.

Since Bowers is an essential employee, he travels between his office and home during the week but takes essential precautions to ensure the safety of his family. 

“While I am not as at risk as my peers on the front line, I am appropriately concerned about bringing COVID-19 or other infections home,” he said.  “Since my days at USciences, I’ve been working with bacteria and viruses that want to spread and cause disease and death; therefore my routine hasn’t really changed since COVID-19 arrived. I wash my hands before I leave work, and when I arrive home. I change from my work clothes and put them in the wash to avoid any contamination. I wash my hands again.”

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of laboratories and effective test results to inform government officials and healthcare providers as they make public health decisions including stay at home orders.

Bowers advises that every doorknob or surface can harbor the virus and lead to your exposure and says the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19, other than social distancing and proper PPE for frontline caregivers, is to wash your hands. 

For more about ChristianaCare’s response to the pandemic, visit the health system’s coronavirus information site.

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