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Sparks Fly: USciences Alumni Share Their Love Stories

By Colleen Chase

Published on February 12, 2020

Sparks have been flying around campus for generations and not just in chemistry laboratories! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we set out to share a few of the many stories behind alumni who met and fell in love here. Each couple interviewed expressed how USciences played an important role in their history as a couple.

Sean Swisher PharmD'14 and Regina Swisher PharmD'15:

SwisherHow did you meet? 

Though they met during Regina's freshman year, she hardly remembers Sean because he had long hair and was simply too busy with joining greek life to commit his face to memory. Sean kindly overlooked this the following year when Regina moved into a house on Baltimore Avenue with a few of Sean's friends.  Sean, who had since had a hair cut, came around quite a bit to visit his friends. Knowing he was a writing tutor, Regina eventually asked Sean if he'd be willing to help proofread a few of her essays since he was always at the house. Over time, those educational interactions turned into a friendship, and eventually they were an item. While Regina's writing has vastly improved, Sean still proofreads her work nearly 10 years later.



What was a memorable part of your USciences love story?

Early in their relationship, as a Valentine's day gift, Sean decided to send Regina on a scavenger hunt in order to find out what the gift was. Sean wrote out clues on pieces of paper, hiding them all around campus. The scavenger hunt took her from her house, to the book store where she worked at the time, to Linda's cart, to the library, and back to her house. Eventually, she found the gift, which were tickets to STOMP at the Kimmel Center. Not only did Regina have a lot of fun during the scavenger hunt, they had an excellent time at STOMP, and certainly this will always be one of many fond memories of their time at USciences.

Jerry Bliss PharmD'87 and Karen Bliss PharmD'89:

BlissHow did you meet?

After a Beach Party themed party, Karen went to pick up a blender that had been borrowed, which is when Jerry insists he first set eyes on Karen. Although Karen recounts that she really met Jerry at a Halloween party that same year. Karen dressed as a cop and Jerry was dressed as an old lady.

What was a memorable part of your USciences love story?

We were first dating and wanted to take a class together.  Jerry was taking Sociology. Karen hadn't yet taken the prerequisite, so we needed to get Dr. Joseph Ruane to approve her taking the class. We wrote notes back and forth to each other in the text book during class.  By the way, we still have that textbook!


Bob DeSantis PharmD'14 and Rebecca (Shatynski) DeSantis PharmD'16:

DesantisFavorite memory on campus as a couple?

We didn't have any classes together but spent time together during Greek Life activities on campus after classes when we supported each other's events. USciences is where we first learned to support each other, whether it was studying for exams, preparing for seminar or getting through everyday life in our early twenties. 

What was a memorable part of your USciences love story?

Rebecca used to live on Regent Square just a block off of campus and about 2 or 3 doors down from where Charlie the USciences cat lived. On a cold winter night, Charlie followed us to Rebecca’s house and would not move from the doorstep. As we opened the door, Charlie bolted inside the house! After about 10 minutes of running around the kitchen and living room, Bob finally caught Charlie and brought him back home.


We hope you join us in sharing your story or encourage your friends to join the conversation on the USciences Alumni Facebook this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #USciencesLoveStory and let us know how you met the love of your life and any of your favorite memories you made here as a couple.

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