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Dr. Roberto Ramos Featured on WHYY Science Podcast

By Nicole Carrera

Published on June 10, 2020

Roberto Ramos PhD, associate professor of physics, was featured on WHYY’s weekly health and science podcast, The Pulse. Dr. Ramos spoke about the science behind making something cold. 

“Basically to cool things, it means to put them in ordered form. And that takes work,” Dr. Ramos says. “It’s not natural for things to become cold. You have to do work...that’s why it’s harder to cool thanks than to warm [them].” 

Dr. Ramos also shares the work he is doing in his lab, and discussing the cryocooler he uses. “It can go to about 2 degrees Kelvin in about 1 ½ hours. So at that, we’re actually colder than outer space.”

The full article and podcast featuring Dr. Ramos can be found here.

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