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Donor Spotlight: Supporting the Future of Our Profession

By Colleen Chase

Published on October 12, 2020

Oleg ZvenigorodskyWhen the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak began last Spring, Oleg Zvenigorodsky PharmD’08 joined the collective effort to support the Student Emergency Fund. At the onset of the pandemic, it was one of Dr. Zvenigorodsky’s first instincts to support students in response to the crisis. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth an unprecedented situation for all of us but in many cases students were not prepared for the consequent impact,” said Dr. Zvenigorodsky. “A strong, healthy and vibrant student body is the future of our profession. It benefits all of us to make contributions in any way we can.” 

Despite challenging circumstances, USciences students persevere. Since March, more than 150 students have applied and received emergency funding to help them stay afloat and on track academically. Of those students, 18 were graduates from the Class of 2020, and the other recipients of the emergency funding returned for the Fall semester to classes and rotations. 

Dr. Zvenigorodsky encourages all members of the USciences community to support and help shape the future of the University. “We were all students at one point and we would have also wanted those in position to assist to help if the situation called for it,” he said. “Many alumni understand the challenges that students encounter and the importance of investing in educational institutions.”

The healthcare community will be better and more prepared as a result (of COVID-19), and you will be a big part of it. Be excited about your future.

-- Oleg Zvenigorodsky PharmD'08

While there is not a student at USciences untouched by the pandemic, Dr. Zvenigorodsky offers this advice for students feeling the strain: ”This too shall pass. The healthcare community will be better and more prepared as a result, and you will be a big part of it. Be excited about your future,” he said. “The one bright light is that we are all dealing with this together. It’s impacting all students, all universities, all institutions. Trust that the University will make the right decisions to keep you safe. Focus on things you can control.”

USciences led Dr. Zvenigorodsky to his career at Jazz Pharmaceuticals as Associate Director of  Medical Safety. “USciences gave me the best gift of all – good education and degree. It has allowed me to build a career, do what I love, and be prepared for the challenges we face today,” he said.  “When I was a student, I couldn’t wait to graduate and start my ‘real life.” Now, I wish I could be a student all over again.”

Any size gift to the emergency fund makes a great impact for our students facing adversity. To help the University support our students in these ever changing circumstances, please consider making a gift to the Student Emergency Fund. 

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