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Alyssa Petroski Phys’20 Attributes Job Success to Experience Gained at USciences

By Rosie DiGironomo

Published on May 7, 2020

Alyssa Petroski Phys’20 credits the lab experience and education she received while in the physics program at USciences with helping her a pathway to a career as a  systems engineer. Petroski, who will graduate in May, secured a job offer many months before Commencement.  

PetroskiPetroski always knew she wanted to go to USciences because of the various physics tracks that are offered. This helped her explore the fields of physics and ultimately decide which track suited her best. In addition to studying physics, Petroski also had the opportunity to do research in mathematical biology.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to explore and learn from a different field in a hands-on research experience,” she said. “I learned how to make meaningful contributions to a research project, which further helped me in my physics research projects and gave me skills that I will be able to use in my career.”

The lab experience that Petroski possessed landed her a physics internship at Jefferson Lab part of the Department of Energy National Laboratory. “It was my dream to work at a national lab and acceleratory facility since I was in high school, so I was very proud to be accepted and complete that program,” she said.

PetroskiNot only did Petroski’s research experience strengthen her learning, but the opportunity to take a variety of different classes at USciences introduced her to numerous skills such as programming and mathematical laboratory competence that she was able to feature on her resume.

“During a job interview, the person interviewing me highlighted some of the skills I learned at USciences that made me an attractive applicant,” she said. "I was offered the job a week later.”

As a  member of the Society of Physics Students, Petroski and her classmates have brought physics to the community through outreach at local schools and during the Philadelphia Science Festival. Petroski describes this experience as very meaningful to her, as it is important to spread knowledge to younger minds.

Petroski encourages other students to speak up and share their ideas: “You never know how impactful your contributions could be until you say something.”

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