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Alumnus Sees COVID-19 Through A Student Lens Donor Spotlight: Dwight Bowen, PharmD’11

By Colleen Chase

Published on July 20, 2020

Dwight Bowen, Pharmd'11In early Spring when the COVID-19 pandemic began, Dwight Bowen PharmD’11  joined other alumni with a philanthropic response to help USciences students in need through the Student Emergency Fund.  Dr. Bowen’s decision to support this fund stemmed from his propensity to see through the lens of a student. 

Being a student during a pandemic is a unique experience. Courses were transitioned to virtual classrooms mid-semester, for many students their personal finances and those of their families were put into question, and uncertainty about the future of the on-campus experience was difficult to digest.

“During this very difficult time that everyone in America is dealing with situations caused by COVID-19, I donated to the University’s Student Emergency Fund in hopes that it would help ease the unexpected financial burden of some students and allow them to maintain a focus on their academics,” Dr. Bowen said. “ USciences played such a large part in helping shape my professional career so I always want to lend my support to help current and future students whenever I can.” 

Dr. Bowen offers this advice for current students managing their academic coursework throughout the pandemic: “While very unfortunate, the toughness you develop navigating through this extremely difficult time will help you in the future so continue pushing through.”

The toughness you develop navigating through this extremely difficult time will help you in the future

-- Dwight Bowen, PharmD'11

Reflecting upon his own experience, Dr. Bowen said it was the challenges he faced during his final years at USciences that helped to shape him. “The most rewarding part of the curriculum to me was the final year of advanced practice rotations in which I applied all the knowledge I had gained to directly impact patient care,” he said. 

Dr. Bowen feels grateful for the faculty support he experienced at the University. In his fourth year of pharmacy school, Daniel Hussar, PhD recommended Dr. Bowen for a regulatory affairs summer internship position at Eli Lilly and Company. This internship experience was his first introduction to the pharmaceutical industry as a potential career and motivated Dr. Bowen to pursue regulatory affairs after graduation.

Like Dr. Bowen, USciences alumni have the opportunity to make a real difference for the students who follow in their footsteps and can make a direct impact on the success of our students. If you would like to support the Student Emergency Fund, please make your gift here.

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