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Abhinav Illendula BMS’20 Credits USciences With Preparing Him For Medical School

By Rosie DiGironomo

Published on April 10, 2020

Abhinav IllendulaAbhinav Illendula BMS’20 credits his experiences at USciences for preparing him to apply for medical school. The biomedical sciences program at USciences provided Illendula with the curriculum and knowledge he needed to be successful in his applications to medical school. 

“I see myself as a doctor,” he said. “I am confident that I will get into medical school and am passionate to do my best to complete it to the best of my abilities.” 

Illendula also emphasizes the importance of his research at USciences. He states that being able to start research in his freshman year, and the many opportunities to present the research, such as during the Center for Undergraduate Research festival, has allowed him to gain confidence. Speaking in front of hundreds of people and explaining and defending his work helped him to elevate himself and gain additional opportunities. 

“My degree has allowed me to apply for jobs that require knowledge in research that holds a clinical significance. This has led me to gain interviews in research labs and other clinical positions,” said Illendula. 

Illendula was the recipient of the 2020 Undergraduate Student Award of Merit, presented during the University of the Sciences’ 199th Founders’ Day Ceremony. Illendula references this award as his biggest accomplishment to date.

“This award, to me, represents all the commitments I had to the University and all the strength that it took to continue studying and continue participating in activities that made me who I am,” he said. “I think this award reflects what USciences is capable of doing for a student.” 

While Illendula studied very hard during his time at USciences, he was also very active on campus. Illendula was a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Alpha Chi honor societies and credits his best experiences to the his friendships that he made throughout the years. 

“My experiences at USciences have been filled with genuine friendships and overwhelming support,” Illendula said. “Even when I had tough classes or some of my friends had tough classes, I would remember us tackling the tough problems together. I was able to feel like I was part of a family from the beginning and this led to many friendships that I value to this day.” 

Illendula gives this advice to younger students: “Take every opportunity that is given to you!” Illendula said that it is so important to get involved as a first-year student because the moments experienced are your foundation for college and help you to be successful as you progress in your curriculum.

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