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Thank You For Rising to the Occasion: Your Impact on Giving in 2018

By Colleen Chase

Published on May 16, 2019

Happy StudentsA lot can happen when we give together. In 2018, a lot did, in fact, happen. There was an increase in participation from alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends of University of the Sciences. This generosity has made a significant impact on the University. As an institution we thank our donors for rising to the occasion.

The generous giving the office of Institutional Advancement saw in 2018 sets the standard for philanthropy at USciences and shows how much can be accomplished when we give together.

The impact of your support is something to be proud of. Generosity from donors like you delivers potential, drives changes, and empowers our students.


Your gift to USciences delivers potential—the potential to do, the potential to be, the potential to create, and the potential to discover. When USciences graduates enter the workforce, they arrive real-world ready.

“Our students play a critical role in combating our nation’s most pressing health problems. Thanks to you, we can provide our students with the tools and resources that lead to new discoveries. The work they do will save lives.” - JEAN-FRANCOIS JASMIN, PhD, associate provost for research and graduate education.

“I instantly fell in love with working in Dr. Nathan Baird’s lab. I collaborate with other scientists and conduct research projects from start to finish. The holistic experience I have gained as a student researcher has opened doors for me. I recently accepted a cancer research internship with Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory.  - BLAKE NELSON BioChem’20

“Support for service learning expands the university’s international footprint. Each year, we continue to send students all over the world to put knowledge into practice where they serve families and communities in need.”  - WENDY WALSH PhD’18, MOT’00, interim chair, Department of Occupational Therapy


Your gifts provide a space for innovation to exist on campus. Support from donors creates opportunities for students and faculty to explore and develop ideas. They are relentless in their efforts, committed to their ambitions, and dedicated to their craft. When you invest in USciences, new advancements and innovation are sure to follow.

“When it comes to innovation, having a leading edge is important. As the brewing industry evolves, so can we.” - MATTHEW FARBER, PhD, director of the brewing science certificate program and assistant professor of biology

“As an academic research scientist in training, we rely almost entirely on the benevolence of others, like you, who enable us to investigate and discover, improving our collective knowledge ever so slightly. - NORMAN FULTANG PhD’21(cell and molecular biology) 


Learning happens in and out of the classroom. It takes place at national conferences, at the patient’s bedside, in third-world countries, and, most frequently, within the Philadelphia community.

We send students into the world not just as observers but as active participants. They solve problems, explore their passions, and hone their leadership skills. You are empowering tomorrow’s leaders.

“An exceptional culture creates exceptional leaders. The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Culture of Caring Campaign will provide additional resources to design and enhance leadership opportunities for students outside of the classroom.” - EDWARD FOOTE P’87, PharmD’91, dean of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

“Thanks to donor funding, I will attend a national scientific meeting this year to present the results of my work. Your gifts keeps young scientists like me motivated and eager to achieve success.” - AMBER GUNDERWALA PhD’20 (pharmacognosy)

“It is humbling to see so many brothers and friends of Pi Lambda Phi come together to honor our 50-year legacy at USciences in such a meaningful way by developing our endowed scholarship. I hope our efforts inspire others to do the same.” - SCOTT GREENE P’92, director of advanced pharmacy practice experiences and advisor for Pi Lambda Phi

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