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World-Class Polymers Researchers Meet at USciences for New Conference

By Colby Gallagher

Published on June 26, 2019

Polymers in Life Sciences SymposiumFor the life sciences industry, polymers might be a game changer. From changing the way we think about medication delivery to discovering new materials for implants, experts brought their ideas to USciences in May for a two-day symposium entitled “Polymers in Life Sciences” where they explored the vast possibilities. 

The conference, on May 14 and 15, 2019, was organized by Alexander Sidorenko PhD, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, as a way for experts from both academia and industries working in the field to share information.

 “The applications of these polymers in life sciences, such as drug delivery, artificial organs and implants, were highlighted,” said Dr. Sidorenko. “My idea was to provide a platform for an informal exchange of ideas, results of current research, and application demands.”

Poster presentations during "Polymers in Life Sciences"The event featured 19 speakers from US universities and poster presentations by young scientists. Having USciences students and faculty be able to listen to world-class researchers on their own campus and also present before those experts had multiple long-lasting effects, Dr. Sidorenko said.

“The presentations given by our faculty and students demonstrated to the guest participants, both from industry and academia, that here at USciences we perform intensive research in hot topic areas of physical and life sciences,” said Dr. Sidorenko. “The set of topics and list of participants were designed with diversity in mind in order to seed interdisciplinary collaboration.”

Dr. Sidorenko said the sessions encouraged those involved to comfortably share not only the success stories of research related to polymers, but also the failures.

"Polymers in Life Sciences"“Informal exchanges of ideas and scientific data gives a clearer picture of the current state of the research,” he said. “It includes not only positive results, but also negative, that are usually difficult to publish. However, they are important as we learn more from mistakes and errors than from achievements.”

Dr. Sidorenko hopes to continue researching developments in the field of polymers while also increasing the visibility of research effort at USciences through more events like “Polymers in Life Sciences.”

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