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USciences Young Professionals Organization Supports Alumni Early in Their Career

By Colleen Chase

Published on May 16, 2019

While fostering a lifelong connection to the University, the new USciences Young Professionals Organization (YPO) will provide young alumni—from graduation through the first 15 years—and current students with opportunities to connect through networking, mentorship, and professional development.

Behind the scenes, the YPO Steering Committee is laying the groundwork for the organization to grow and thrive. The committee consists of alumni and student leaders who represent diverse interests and fields of study.

Geography will not hold alumni back from being an active member of YPO. The committee consists of alumni throughout the country. There are opportunities for USciences young professionals to connect, engage, and mentor no matter the time zone.

Meet the YPO Steering Committee:

Sean Ahern PharmD’19Sean AhernFuture Fellow in Late Stage Clinical Research and Development at Celgene

What do you hope to accomplish through YPO?

The biggest thing I hope to accomplish through YPO is to build an organization that allows current students and young professionals the opportunity to network, collaborate, and freely communicate with one another. This not only will allow students to be more successful as they transition from school to their future careers but will be beneficial for young professionals to become mentors and recruit talent emerging from USciences. 

Elizabeth Greene DPT’18Elizabeth GreeneTheraplay Inc. St Edmond’s Home for Children

What do you hope to accomplish through YPO?

I hope to bring more mentorship opportunities to the University, specifically the physical therapy community, as it would be beneficial for current students to have a network of USciences alumni mentors to ask questions of, whether it be about the boards, classes, or rotations.

Jared Hunter HumSci’16
Jared HunterPhD Student/Rutgers-Camden

What do you hope to accomplish through YPO?

The YPO has a unique opportunity to continue what starts in college. No matter what I hear from friends I met on campus or after graduation, there is always a small part of us that wants to go back—YPO can be that bridge. We shouldn’t stop advising one another just because we all have a degree now. Professional development is a skill that people often lack no matter where you go, but there are a great number of people from USciences that have it and do it well—we should be sharing that wisdom in exciting ways.

Michael C. Dejos, PharmD’13, BCPS, LSSBB, DPLA CandidateMichael DejosNemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

Why do you value your connection with the University?

I strongly value my connection with University of the Sciences as it facilitates my lifelong learning and expands my network. As healthcare continues to evolve, I see the need for all alumni to stay current on what is emerging within the fields of science and medicine. Too often, practitioners and scientists can become stale in their field as new discoveries are being made every day. The programs that University of the Sciences offers are a great way for clinicians and scientists to stay up-to-date.

Tom Keyack PharmD’14 Tom KeyackDirector of Strategic Partnerships, Capsule

What do you hope to accomplish through YPO?

I envision YPO providing a medium for me and fellow YPO members to pay it forward to current students, future students, and alumni, [sharing] the positive impact the University has had on us.

Richard DiGiacomo Jr., DPT’10, Cert. MDT
Richard DiGiacomo Jr.Mercy Philadelphia Hospital and Head Men’s & Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field Coach, USciences 

Why do you value your connection with the University?

I became a coach immediately after graduation, so my alumni connection has been direct and personal from the beginning. I have a sense of pride in more than one way, as an alumnus and as a coach. I continue to instill the core values I learned at USciences into my athletes and the students I mentor as a clinical instructor for PT. My hope is to continue sharing that sense of pride and connection for each generation of graduates!

Janki Patel PhB’14
Janki Patel Scientific Communications Project Manager at National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD

Why do you value your connection with the University?

I value my USciences connection because the professors who became my mentors believed in me. The University has provided me the degree to make my mark in the healthcare industry. I have landed a job at my dream company doing what I love.

Pooja A. Patel, DrOT’17, OTR/LPooja A. PatelOccupational Therapist, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL

What do you hope to accomplish through YPO?

Through YPO, I hope to build a strong foundation for communication between current students and alumni, the ability to identify a strong network for mentoring opportunities, and an open forum for alumni to guide current students through their time at USciences. I also hope to reengage or continue to engage those of us alumni who are all now scattered across the country (possibly the world) to build a sense of legacy and pride.

Interested in getting involved with USciences YPO? Please contact director of Alumni Relations, Casey Ryan (


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