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USciences Welcomes 435 New Students to Campus

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on August 27, 2019

On Friday, August 23, 2019, 367 new students and their families arrived at USciences to move into various residence halls on campus. They were aided by more than 100 student volunteers who made up the “Arrival Survival” team. Donning neon yellow shirts, the students helped families unload their cars, load their belongings into carts, bringing them up to each room.

More than 300 students moved into the Living & Learning Commons, USciences newest residence hall, making them the first class to spend the full year in the 126,000 square-foot building located at 46th Street and Woodland Avenue. The building includes 208 double occupancy rooms with private bathrooms. Each floor is equipped with laundry amenities, student lounge and study spaces. In the building there is a game room and a share kitchen as well as an open-air plaza for the University and surrounding neighbors.

At Drake’s Welcome Celebration, a carnival-inspired festival, all 435 new students and their families were welcomed the USciences community with food, games, and fun.

“USciences is a vibrant academic community that promises to provide you with the opportunities for an excellent education,” said Dr. Paul Katz, addressing the students and their families during the celebration.

“Students, I encourage you to engage with your fellow students and take advantage of what is here for you,” said Dr. Katz. “We already know that you are smart enough to succeed here; now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity.”

Jayna Suter, president of the Student Government Association, addressed the students with some inspirational words to help get them off on the right foot for a productive new year.

The celebration continued with another new tradition, a candlelight ceremony where alumni welcomed the new students to the community by literally passing the flame as the new students held candles and took a class photo.

Welcome week activities continued for the new students throughout the weekend and several events were scheduled throughout the first week of classes, too.

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