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USciences Scholarship Helps Philadelphia Students Afford College

By Katherine Tancredi

Published on January 30, 2019

Rohan NinanRohan Nainan PrePharm’24, enrolled in University of the Sciences this past fall with the goal of using his college education to improve the lives of others. For him, the university’s academics, affordable tuition, and city culture made it the perfect fit.

“As implied in the name, I felt that a university where science is admired would be the ideal platform to reflect and build my future,” explains Nainan.

This year, Nainan is one of two recipients who recieved the first ever USciences Opportunity Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to eligible Philadelphia high school students who might otherwise not be able to afford a college degree. After federal and state grant funding has been awarded, the USciences Opportunity Scholarship covers tuition and the general fee for the first four years of a student’s program of study. Ultimately, USciences wants to make higher education more accessible.

“When we looked at our local presence, we saw that we didn’t have a ton of students from the immediate area,” said David Forde, vice president of Community and Government Affairs. “We thought that it was important to grow the foundation for folks that live right around here.”

Receiving the USciences Opportunity Scholarship is one of Nainan’s proudest accomplishments so far in his college career. He has found the scholarship both helpful and motivational in a number of ways.

“As a student, the scholarship gave me motivation to work hard toward my degree,” said Nainan. “The scholarship helped me reduce my financial burden, which gives me more time and freedom to think about my career paths after graduation. In addition, the scholarship gives me a sense of hope that the faculty, my family and friends are counting on me to become a pharmacist and I will by all means not let them down.”

After graduation, Nainan’s ultimate goal is to contribute to human welfare, which he hopes to do through a position in the research and development sector of the pharmaceutical industry. He feels his USciences degree will help prepare him on this path.

Nainan has found the USciences community to be supportive in other ways as well, both in terms of supportive faculty and also USciences’ promotion of balance between academic and personal life. The student events offered on campus have helped him feel more connected to his peers.

“My most memorable event is the Interprofessional Group Project (IPE Fair) where all the first year students gathered in the multipurpose room in the Athletic Recreation Center and presented their projects,” recalled Nainan. “The fair was an ideal setting to meet new individuals with similar interests and witness the talent of my class!”

Applications for the USciences Opportunity Scholarship are accepted through March 1. More information and full application requirements for the scholarship here.

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