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USciences Launches Nexus Connect for Alumni and Students

By Casey Ryan

Published on May 16, 2019

NexusIn the year that Robert M. Rudd, vice president of Institutional Advancement, has been at USciences, he has focused on networking, meeting, and connecting with our alumni and students. In the hundreds of conversations with alumni and students about addressing their needs in respect to what USciences can do for them, Rudd has heard our alumni and students resoundingly respond with networking and mentorship.

The University looked for a technology solution to address these needs. Graduway is a platform for schools to create a ready-made alumni program that promises to engage students and to keep alumni involved.

To ensure a successful product, Graduway conducted several years of market research on alumni connections and networking prior to its launch in 2013, and the research findings show the alumni engagement levels are 600 percent higher in a branded alumni platform versus a nonbranded alumni platform. Therefore, USciences has worked together with Graduway to create our new online portal: USciences Nexus.

There are other alumni engagement platforms on the market; however, Graduway utilizes existing information on social networks to build an alumni network, which is how it stands apart from the other offerings. Knowing that local schools, like Penn Law, Seton Hall, and Bucknell—as well as renowned universities like Oxford, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins—were using Nexus to create quality online environments for their alumni and students, we were confident to partner with Graduway.

“As I travel the country, I hear over and over from our alumni about their desire to engage with students, through mentorships, resume reviews, internships, and career advice,” said Rudd. “On campus, our students have a strong desire to learn from those who have come before them and to gain real knowledge and skills from our alumni. I am confident that Nexus is the solution that they have been looking for.”

Graduway serves as a bridge between one’s existing social media presence and USciences by leveraging Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to create contacts and relationships between members of those platforms in the context of the alumni group. It provides easy and simple-to-use software to engage alumni and mentor students. Graduway incorporates our brand with alumni social media presence in a USciences-branded alumni platform. 

“Students want more access to alumni, but they don’t always have the means to secure it,” states Ross Radish, vice president of Student Affairs and dean of students. “USciences Nexus provides our students a way to seek and find alumni in all stages of their careers to ask for help in honing their networking skills in a supportive environment.”

“I’m excited to pay it forward by mentoring current students,” states Pooja Patel DrOT’17, “as well as to engage with others in similar practice areas who are where I might be in five to ten years and who are also interested in giving advice to me for my career.”

USciences Nexus is an exclusive online interactive gateway for mentorship, professional networking, peer-driven career advice, job leads, and more.

Sign up today at!

  • Tap into the USciences alumni community and expand your professional network around the globe.
  • Volunteer as a career advisor/mentor to offer career advice to students and fellow alumni.
  • Post jobs for your company or organization to recruit USciences alumni and students, or view current openings and employers seeking to hire USciences graduates.

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