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USciences Launches MBA with Focus on the Cannabis Industry

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on July 16, 2019

University of the Sciences has created a new option for students interested in learning about the business of cannabis industry with the launch of a specialized Cannabis Industry Masters of Business Administration option, which is currently enrolling students to begin online courses in September.

USciences’ Cannabis Industry Option is the first of its kind in the US, offering education in the business of cannabis, hemp, and dispensary operations.

The option, which includes four elective courses specific to medical cannabis regulations and industry, were created in partnership with USciences’ Substance Use Disorders Institute and through feedback from individuals in the industry. The courses include Introduction to the Medical Cannabis Industry; Finance and Regulation in the Medical Cannabis Industry; Cannabis Marketing and Sales, and a project-based course where students will work to write a business plan or bring a product to market.

“There are many unique aspects to the medical cannabis and hemp industries, and those in this new industry have been testing the waters for the last few years. This new program will help to formalize those teachings for those currently in the cannabis industry, entering the field, or interested in other fields associated with the industry,” said Andrew Peterson, executive director of the Substance Use Disorders Institute, which was integral in the creation of the courses.

The coursework is an option of USciences’ specialized MBA in pharmaceutical and healthcare business, which is a hybrid curriculum with students taking courses online with occasional visits to campus. This format ensures this specialized education is available to all those interested in the program, no matter where they live and work.

“As the industry grows, and the potential for medical cannabis to converge with the pharmaceutical industry, a specialization in pharmaceutical and healthcare business will be an asset to those in the cannabis industry,” said Dr. Peterson. “A combination of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and cannabis business knowledge and expertise will be incredibly valuable as graduates move forward in their career. 

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