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USciences Launches Campus Engagement Platform: The Devil’s Advocate

By Thea Zunick
Director of Student Life

Published on March 1, 2019

The Office of Student Life in partnership with the Student Government Association has launched a new campus engagement platform: The Devil’s Advocate! The platform helps bring campus involvement and engagement into a virtual space that is accessible to all students, providing a better experience for students and the entire campus community.

“This tool will help us create meaningful involvement experiences to promote student success with our site. It also serves to streamline countless paper forms and in person processes all into one site for our student leaders, advisors, and even campus departments,” said Thea Zunick, EdD, director of student life.

Over the past month, student organizations have been busy populating their organizational pages. They are using the site to boost engagement, promote events, request space reservations for meetings and events, and even search for events with free food! Organization advisors have been engaging in the event requests by leaving comments on the proposed event form and giving them a virtual thumbs up when approved. The Office of Student Life looks forward to seeing more advisors interact with groups in this virtual space, said Dr. Zunick.

Other features to look forward to in the coming months include: the ability to have students scan into events to track attendance, the creation of a co-curricular transcript, user-friendly organization management tools, an ability to collect and use data relating to our student engagement, and more!

Engage with us on the Devil’s Advocate site here: or by clicking on the icon found on your OneLogin page.

What to know more? Here is a brief 7 minute video introducing you to the platform made by the hosts of the program: Campus Labs

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