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USciences Hosts Workout to Educate about Benefits of Exercise to Fight Cancer

Published on November 15, 2019

The Big Pink Fusion Workout 2019

USciences students, faculty, and staff participated in a workout class with a message on Thursday, October 31, 2019.

The Big Pink Fusion Workout, organized by Isabelle Mercier PhD, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences, student organizations and the department of campus recreation, completed a high-intensity interval training followed by a scientific session to learn about the effects that exercise can have in the fight against cancer. The workout was held in October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

The workout featured a live DJ, raffle, healthy snacks and educated students on the important statistics about fighting cancer with exercise. 35-40 participants did a warmup round, then two rounds of high-intensity training, then a cooldown.  Co-sponsors of the event include Philadelphia College fo Pharmacy, Pi Lambda Phi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Kappa Phi Gamma, USciences Barbell Club, USciences EMS, and Sodexo.

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