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The Student View: Inside the move to USciences’ Newest Residence Hall

By Colby Gallagher

Published on February 27, 2019

After months of waiting, more than 300 students moved into USciences’ newest residence hall, the Living & Learning Commons, the final weekend in January.

Of those students was Digna Patel MLS’22 and her roommate, Aesha Shah PharmD’24. Patel documented the move from start to finish in a vlog, filming the experience for future incoming freshman to understand the experience and feelings that come with a big change like moving.

“I remember the first day I moved in I was like, I cannot wait to live here, I cannot wait to make all these friends, I cannot wait to do anything. I’m kind of having that feeling again and I love it,” said Patel the night before she moved from Goodman Hall into the new building. “It’s not the same as moving out of the house because I already did that, but going to the new dorms is just, I’m so excited and I don’t know why.”

LLC Room
Inside of a student room in the Living and Learning Common

Patel’s class is the first to live in the six-story structure that features a courtyard with outdoor seating and retail spaces. The rooms feature a private bathroom that includes a shower, a separate sink and a vanity mirror as well as two closets. They also have a controllable thermostat, large windows overlooking the courtyard and overhead lighting for studying at night.

The first floor will showcase multiple classrooms, a game area and common spaces; construction on the first floor and outdoor area are expected to be completed in March.

Despite having to pack up and move in the middle of the year, Patel says it was worth it and even learned some tips for the future.

“Aesha and I completely forgot that it gets dark out,” she said while laughing to the camera. “We put everything that provided us with light away and we are currently in the dark!”

The whole process took multiple days with students moving out from Goodman and Wilson Halls by floor. By Sunday, January 27, all 334 students were moved in and soon after, the new Student Life Offices were filled by staff -- some of which will be living in the building as well.

Now that Patel has moved in to USciences twice, she says her biggest piece of advice to future freshman would be to really focus on making your space a place to unwind.

“Honestly, no matter how much they say college isn’t home, it starts to feel like it at one point or another,” she said. “So make sure your bed is super comfortable.”

The Living & Learning Commons Grand Opening is set for April 12, which is also student appreciation day; students and visitors are encouraged to attend and see the completed building.

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