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SUDI Recommends Additional Labeling for Medical Cannabis Products Sold in PA

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on December 16, 2019

Andrew PetersonAndrew Peterson, PharmD, PhD, Executive Director of the Substance Use Disorders Institute at USciences went before the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board, the state regulatory body in Pennsylvania, in November to make recommendations about the labeling of medical cannabis products. In addition to explaining the recommendations, he also submitted a report with specific labeling recommendations for the products sold in the Commonwealth. 

Dr. Peterson told the board how SUDI organized a series of meetings to discuss labeling of medical cannabis products to the citizens of the Commonwealth as proper labeling is key to standardizing medical marijuana products so that end users can use them safely. 

“We believe that these recommendations, and the ones provided in the report, will improve the quality of labeling and thus reduce the risk of medication errors and therefore improve the safety and quality of care for the citizens of the Commonwealth,” said Dr. Peterson.

In the meetings, SUDI met with more than 30 advisors representing a large array of individuals in the cannabis industry including growers, processors, healthcare providers, and patient safety organizations, among others. These individuals helped to identify specific issues related to labeling medical cannabis products and provided suggestions to address areas of concern.  

Specifically, SUDI recommended to the board that:

  1.   All products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) should bear the statement: “This product contains THC and has the potential for mind-altering effects” on the Primary Label.
  2.   For all products containing both THC and cannabidiol (CBD), the exact ratio (within grower/processor internal specifications) must be reported.
  3. The immediate container must be labeled with the drug name, strength, manufacturer and batch number.
  4. The content (THC / CBD) needs to be on the “inner” product, not just on the box in which it is packaged.

Read the full report

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