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Student Voices: Celebrating Black History and Culture on Campus

By Yacine Tom Wing HS'22
Black Student Union, Executive President

Published on March 7, 2019

Black History MonthThis year marked the 43rd year that Black History Month (BHM) has been formally acknowledged in the United States. These 28 days serve as a time to recognize and appreciate the advancements, service, and history that African Americans have had and continue to have in this country. BHM strives to not only educate but encourage a sense of unity while also paying remembrance to the fact that black history is not solely relevant to black people but to everyone because this country would not be what it is without black history.

BSU Potluck DinnerUSciences Black Student Union (BSU) observed BHM by hosting interactive events throughout the month. We kicked off the month by paying our respects to minorities that were killed by acts of hate and police brutality. This event was emotional because we displayed the names of those who were killed around the quad and passerby’s including students and faculty had the opportunity to hear the story of the person displayed. BSU also partnered with Sodexo to create a BHM inspired menu for lunch on the same day which was definitely a great way to encompass the event.

Throughout black history, food has always been a unifying factor in our culture. BSU hosted a Soul Food Potluck Night open to the entire campus where BSU members bought food that represented their culture. On the same night, we watch an iconic episode of ABC’s Black-ish which featured issues around colorism in the popular culture. We discussed the ramification that such an issue has and how it is seen so consistently in society.

BSU Alumni PanelWe ended the month with an event featuring recent USciences BSU alumni. Students in the BSU mentorship program got to hear first hand the advice that these alumni had for them about succeeding at USciences and in our future health care fields. It was very impactful and motivational to hear the success stories of alumni who were students here not too long ago.

The population of black students on USciences campus is small but having events like these really unify everyone of not only the African American decent but other cultures as well. It was truly meaningful that we were able to host these events and I really felt like we made a positive difference in our campus community.

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