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Pharmaceutics PhD Student Prepared for Career in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

By Katherine Tancredi

Published on April 8, 2019

Afsana TriniAfsana Trini PhD’19 (Pharmaceutics) always considered University of the Sciences to be a superior school during her graduate school search. She was impressed by the reputations of USciences’ alumni in the field of biopharmaceutical industries as well as the fact that it was founded as Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, the first pharmacy school in North America.

In addition to the school’s esteemed reputation, Trini also appreciated the low faculty-student ratio. She felt very supported by her professors, which she felt allowed her to reach her highest potential. She also forged memorable relationships with faculty and teachers, particularly with Anil D'Mello, PhD director of the undergraduate program in pharmaceutical sciences and professor of pharmaceutical sciences.

“Dr. D’Mello taught me how to question a ‘new idea’ as a PhD student and how to solve a problem methodically,” said Trini. “This learning still helps me when I start a new project.”

After graduation, Trini plans to work as a scientist in the research and development sector of the biopharmaceutical industry. She hopes her experience in the research of metabolic diseases can play a role in innovating personalized medicine. Her studies at USciences helped to prepare her for this next step in her career.

Trini presenting“The world-class updated curriculum and research opportunities helped me attract multiple employers for my technical skills,” explains Trini. “The training as a graduate student instructor improved my skills by shaping me as a confident speaker, collaborative person, and an excellent organizer.”

Trini had many memorable moments during her time at USciences. Her differential equation course with professor of mathematics Lia Vas, PhD, gave her a strong foundation for the program’s challenging curriculum. She also received the Jacob Gelb Fellowship for academic excellence and the Abraham Glasser Fellowship for her contribution to original research. However, the most valuable thing she gained during her time at USciences was confidence in her own abilities.

“When I first joined the school, I was a shy individual as an international student,” said Trini.  “The professors and students of pharmaceutical sciences helped me to bring me out of the shell by providing me guidance with the school rules, housing, and research.”

For prospective students, Trini has some advice.

“My best advice is to get involved in research as soon as you can. Know why your work is important and network with other researchers to collaborate and showcase your work,” said Trini.

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