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MBA Grad Earns National Grassroots Advocacy Award

By Colby Gallagher

Published on August 19, 2019

Dr. Manjula JayabalanManjula Jayabalan MBA’17, PharmD, enrolled in USciences MBA program with a focus in pharmaceutical and healthcare business while she was a pharmacy resident to help further her career before it even started. This year, Dr. Jayabalan was awarded for her grassroots work to advocate on behalf of managed care pharmacy relative to current legislative, regulatory, and policy issues.

As an online student, she was able to earn her degree while continuing as a Managed Care Pharmacy resident at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.

“This program fit perfectly with my schedule without sacrificing the quality of education that I received,” said Dr. Jayabalan. “The hybrid nature of the program with both online and on-campus components was tremendously valuable and having live, interactive online classes was crucial to my success.”

By the time she received her degree, Dr. Jayabalan had already started working at BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan in her home state. Dr. Jayabalan said the MBA program allowed her to learn a lot more about pharmaceutical industry business models and strategy, leading to her current position.Dr. Manjula Jayabalan currently works as a clinical pharmacist account manager at MagellanRX Management

“I have been working on the payer’s side of the business so I have found the knowledge and insight that I gained from this program to be incredibly useful. I currently work as a clinical pharmacist account manager at MagellanRx Management,” she said. “In my current role, I offer clinical advice and consultative services to support employer group accounts, third party administrators, and health plan clients.”

As someone who likes to challenge herself, Dr. Jayabalan also got involved with the Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee (LRAC) and the Michigan Pharmacists Association. She used her knowledge and expertise in this arena to revive the State Advocacy Coordinators (SAC) program within the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP), earning her the 2019 AMCP Grassroots Advocacy Award.

According to the AMCP website, the Grassroots Advocacy Award is given to a group or individual whose efforts were critical to passing AMCP-favored legislation or preventing legislation that would be detrimental to managed care pharmacists; an AMCP member who took initiative to establish an effective grassroots coalition in their state; or, an AMCP member who provided leadership and creativity in devising grassroots strategies that enhance the overall advocacy of the organization.

Dr. Jayabalan urges future USciences students to take any opportunity that comes their way.

“Like anything else in life, the effort put into something will determine the results achieved. Make the most out of your time on campus, she said. “Get to know your professors and your classmates. Go over and beyond with every project that you complete.”

She plans to continue paving more paths for herself so that in 5 to 10 years, she has multiple sources of income and options to choose from.

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