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Graduate Student Earns Patent; Awaiting Another for Research Findings

By Colby Gallagher

Published on March 18, 2019

Boyenoh Gaye PhD'19 (Pharmaceutics)Boyenoh Gaye PhD'19, who is studying pharmaceutics, was already working in the field as a senior scientist at GlaxoSmithKline when she began pursuing her doctorate. Since she returned to her studies, Gaye has earned a patent, filed for another provisional patent, and been published in major publications and asked to present at major conferences and meetings.

Gaye was honored with the 2019 Graduate Student Award of Merit during USciences Founders’ Day ceremony on Feb. 14. The award honors a graduate student who exemplifies the spirit of the university's founders.

“She has been an outstanding researcher, conducting studies from cell culture to biomarker detection to nanotubes for drug delivery,” said Adeboye Adejare PhD, who nominated her for the award. “These studies have led to a patent, a provisional patent application, four publications as well as six major meeting presentations which are exemplary for a graduate student.”

The decision to get a PhD to further her career was solidified when she began her research at the University and found the encouragement and support of faculty mentors like Dr. Adejare, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences who serves as Gaye’s advisor and chairs her supervisory committee.

Gaye credits Dr. Adejare and Kamal Jonnalagadda PhD, director of the pharmaceutics graduate program, for giving her the encouragement to get to this point.

“What I will remember most is how supportive my professors have been throughout my matriculation,” she said. “I remember when I didn’t have the zeal to continue my studies, but Dr. Adejare and Dr. Jonnalagadda give me the much-needed encouragement to push further.”

Gaye, a resident of East Windsor, NJ, received a bachelors of science in biotechnology from Delaware State University and a masters in pharmaceutical engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology before coming to USciences.

“The university caters to working individuals due to its part-time programs,” said Gaye. “I also chose to come here for the reputable pharmaceutics degree program.”

She said the doctorate degree will qualify her for more advanced roles.

“In five to 10 years, I would love to be a research fellow at my company and be involved in the current scientific advances in my field,” said Gaye.

Gaye is set to graduate in May and will continue to work in her current field, exploratory biomarkers.

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