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Chemistry PhD Student James Gamrat Realizes Passion for Academia

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on July 18, 2019

James GamratIt was USciences small class sizes and personal relationships with faculty that helped James Gamrat C’19 to realize his passion for research and academia. 

Gamrat, who hopes to work at a University as a professor with his own research lab, has found success working in the department of chemistry and biochemistry and various labs during his time as a PhD student at USciences. 

“The classes are small and you get to know your professors on a more personal level, which was a very positive experience in my graduate career,” he said. “I will remember most, the support and care that I received from my professors and research advisor. I was fortunate to have such great mentors that supported me and made me realize my full potential.”

Always find time for something fun, whether it be exploring the city of Philadelphia or finding a fun way to study with your friends or peers.

-- James Gamrat C'19

Gamrat learned about USciences from his mother, Lori Gamrat (Cerrato) P’83. “My mom came along with me on a visit to see how the school had changed. After that, USciences became my primary choice for graduate school,” he said. “I’m glad she suggested taking a look because I think it turned out to be a great fit for me.”

Immediately upon graduation, Gamrat plans to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship program before entering academia. 

“My experience at USciences has taught me that no matter how big of an institutional I am working at, I should always make time for and prioritize my students and advisees,” said Gamrat. 

The most valuable experience during his graduate career has been working in the lab of Dr. John Tomsho. Gamrat said this experience helped him to apply the concepts he learned in the classroom to help solve real-world problems. 

His advice for new graduate students? Gamrat says you should make time to have fun.

“School is difficult at every level: undergraduate, graduate and professional programs require balance,” said Gamrat. “Always find time for something fun, whether it be exploring the city of Philadelphia or finding a fun way to study with your friends or peers.”

Gamrat says he is thankful for the experience at USciecnes and the investment that faculty made in him.

“USciences is an excellent school that has strong research programs and prepared me for any avenue that I decide to pursue in the future,” he said. 

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