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Brewing Science Director Cooks up New Textbook

By Colby Gallagher

Published on August 12, 2019

Mastering Brewing Science: Quality and ProductionMatthew Farber PhD, director of the Brewing Science Certificate Program and assistant professor of biology can now add another title to his name: published textbook author. In July, Dr. Farber’s book, “Mastering Brewing Science: Quality and Production,” was published, and is available through Wiley.

“There are a lot of great reference books for the brewing industry, many of which I recommend throughout our courses, but none captured the underlying science, process, quality, and troubleshooting in one book,” said Dr. Farber. “As an educator, I'm passionate about providing as many educational opportunities as possible for my students, and this book compliments our classroom and laboratory instruction for the brewing science certificate.”

He and his coauthor, Dr. Roger Barth, submitted their proposal for the book in early 2017, two years after the creation of the Brewing Science Certificate Program at USciences. Dr. Barth’s wife, Marcy, designed the cover as well as figures inside the book.

Dr. Farber says since 2012, two new breweries open every day in the United States and hopes the book can become a useful instrument in the growing industry.

“Graduates must have the background and confidence to deal with problems and issues that arise during production which requires a solid foundation in the science underlying all phases of brewing, as well as a detailed understanding of all steps in brewing and how they are controlled,” he said. “This book presents this material logically, accurately, and understandably. We hope it will be a valuable tool for both students and industry professionals alike.”

After two-and-a-half years of seeing the textbook in only word documents and PDF formats, Dr. Farber calls it surreal to hold the finished product, and is also happy the project is finally complete.

“I very much enjoy writing and look forward to new projects, but I think I need a break from textbook writing,” he said. “Maybe some fiction about a brewer who falls into a vat of chemicals (OSHA violation!) and emerges with super powers.”

Mastering Brewing Science: Quality and Production is available for purchase at

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