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Brewing Science Certificate Helped Dan Neuner Realize Career in Quality Control

Published on August 1, 2019

Dan NeunerUSciences Brewing Science Certificate Program launched brewer Dan Neuner’s career in a new direction. He had already worked as a professional brewer before completing certification in 2017. Today, he oversees quality at 2SP Brewing Company in Aston, Pa.

It was the program’s science emphasis that opened his eyes to a side of brewing he had known only casually before. USciences was the tipping point; he decided to focus on quality. 

“Studying microbiology makes you realize just how dirty everything is,” Neuner said. The program’s emphasis on critical thinking, applied science and laboratory practice put him in a perfect position to manage brewery quality: infection control, yeast management, dissolved oxygen, water chemistry, and more.

Neuner equipped the laboratory and has built quantifiable processes to dial in 2SP’s beers in flavor, consistency, and shelf life. “I track fermentation, do yeast counts, clean and maintain the lab equipment, audit the mobile canning operation, and do a lot of research to answer questions and look for where we can improve,” he said.

In addition to safeguarding the product, Neuner is also saving 2SP money. Yeast and fermentation management prevent using more yeast than needed and improved cleaning procedures are reducing water and chemical use.

“There’s a lot of independence and a real sense of responsibility. If there’s a problem with any beer, it comes right back to me,” he said.

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