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Bradley Pratzner DPT’17 Let Curiosity, Professors Help Him Find His Career Path

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on August 5, 2019

Bradley PratznerAs a physical therapist interacting with rehabilitation patients with a wide variety of diagnoses, Bradley Pratzner DPT’17 has frequently relied on his experience and education from University of the Sciences' doctor of physical therapy program as he treats patients including those with amputations, transplants, spinal cord injuries, stroke and more.

“From the insightful professors instructing challenging courses, to the interactive labs, the comprehensive program advanced my clinical skills,” said Dr. Pratzner. “I also learned many intangibles, including empathy, hard work, dedication, accountability which have allowed me to build connections with my patients, demonstrate leadership with my team, and extend the knowledge I have gained when teaching student physical therapists.

Dr. Pratzner was recently named employee of the month by a group of his peers at Good Shepherd Penn Partners, where he is senior I physical therapist on an inpatient rehabilitation floor. He also works part time at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with acute care patients to continue to expand his knowledge as a physical therapist.

Through the teaching and work of Drs. Lora Packel, Dr. Margie Roos, and Dr. Gregory Thielman, Dr. Pratzner was inspired to work with neurological and cardiopulmonary patients. “Each and every day I try and incorporate the knowledge and skills that they taught and instilled in me throughout my practice,” he said.

Keep pushing yourself... I would encourage you to surround yourselves with positive people and always seek out opportunities for mentorship

-- Bradley Pratzner DPT'17

Dr. Pratzner’s advice for new students pursuing a career in physical therapy? Stay open minded to new concepts and ideas. While he always thought he would be a sports physical therapist treating professional athletes on the sidelines of Philadelphia Eagles games, a dream he hasn’t set aside, Dr. Pratzner credits his curiosity to learn about everything to help him find his passion in clinical rehabilitative care.

“I did a clinical rotation at Moss Rehabilitation on the spinal cord unit and I fell in love with it,” he said. “Being open will allow you to enjoy every class you take, even though you may think one class does not pique your interest, it will somehow help you down the line even if you don’t realize it now.”

Dr. Pratzner is an advocate for continuing education even after graduation to keep growing and learning as a therapist.

“Keep pushing yourself after school because you should never feel like the smartest person in the room, I would encourage you to surround yourselves with positive people and always seek out opportunities for mentorship,” Dr. Pratzner said.

He has already had the opportunity to take on students for rotations at his hospital and work as a teaching assistant in cardiopulmonary labs, which he says continues to grow his skills as a clinical and educator.

Dr. Pratzner hopes to eventually become a professor to teach the next generation of therapists. 

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