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At USciences, Felinah Buslig Earned Research and Professional Experience on Her Journey to Become a Veterinarian

By Erin O'Boyle

Published on December 17, 2019

Fleinah BusligFelinah Buslig Bio’15, DVM, credits the biology program at USciences with helping her find success as a veterinarian in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Yet when she began her first year, Dr. Buslig was unsure what her career path would be.

“I knew I liked science and I knew that if I was in biology, then I could branch into different things,” she explained. “I felt like being a biology major was broad enough for me to have all my doors open and explore my options.”

Dr. Buslig ended up conducting research in the lab of Kenneth Myers, PhD. The research focused on examining cellular basis for anti-tumor metastasis. Because of her research, Dr. Buslig now feels confident working in labs and reading the research and then explaining disease processes to patients.

Her research experience also proved beneficial when she eventually started applying to veterinary schools. “Being able to talk about that research at my veterinary school interviews was really helpful and it made my interviewers really interested,” Buslig said.

At USciences Dr. Buslig participated in professional development days. Once a week, professionals would come into the classrooms to talk about different career options. And required classes such as communications classes later proved beneficial as well.

“Professional client communication is so important,” Dr. Buslig explained. “Professional skills like being able to talk to clients and being able to work well with others… I never thought I would actually need those kinds of things.”

Dr. Buslig also found her own personal development through USciences’ humanities program.

“I actually minored in music,” she said. “It was a good way for me to have an outlet as well as being able to make friends with other people on other programs.”

She created her own YouTube channel, where she writes and records music to this day. “Being able to do music as well as get into veterinary school… that was something I could talk about that added dimension to my application,” she said.

It wasn’t until her second year at USciences that Dr. Buslig began to seriously consider the pre-veterinary program.

“I’ve always volunteered at animal shelters,” she said. “I continued that when I was staying at USciences because there’s an animal shelter not too far from USciences.”

While volunteering, Dr. Buslig developed an interested in the medical aspects of the animal shelters. “They have a surgery day where volunteers got to help out.," said Dr. Buslig. "In my second year at USciences, after spending some more time shadowing veterinarians, I thought, ‘This is something I could see myself doing.’”

Dr. Buslig knew that USciences has a pre-veterinary society, but she had reservations because veterinary medicine is a difficult field to get into. But through the pre-vet program, Dr. Buslig learned about the application process to veterinary school and learned that USciences had already begun preparing her.

“Some of the classes were actually quite similar to the classes that I took at USciences," said Dr. Buslig. "When it comes to medicine, there’s a core foundation, and USciences did a really good job of laying that foundation for me and understanding that if there is a disease process going on, whether it be an animal or human, there is definitely a cellular process going on.”

Now, Dr. Buslig is an associate veterinarian at Animal Clinic and Hospital in Jersey City, her hometown. 

“I see cats and dogs, and sometimes rabbits,” she said. “I see clients treat diseases, give vaccines, but the one thing that I really love is surgery. I get to do spays and neuters, mass removals, dental extractions, those kinds of things. I’m pretty close to my dream job.”

Dr. Buslig said in the next few years she hopes to end up as a veterinarian working for an animal shelter.

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