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Physics Wonder Girls Camp Gets Renewed Funding from Constellation

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on December 3, 2019

University of the Sciences’ Physics Wonder Girls Camp, a summer camp which helps middle school aged girls learn more about physics, received nearly $30,000 in additional support this year from E2 Energy to Educate, a grant supported by Constellation, an Exelon Company. 

The grant awards support projects that are team oriented, hands-on and offer specific results. E2 Energy to Educate projects enhance student understanding of the science and technology needed to address energy issues, and reach and inspire students to think differently about energy. The camp also received funding from E2 Energy to Educate last year.

The Physics Wonder Girls Camp was one of 18 projects awarded more than $460,000 in 2019 reaching more than 19,000 students nationwide.

This grant will enable the Physics Wonder Girls to focus on this renewable-energy theme. Mentored by Roberto Ramos, PhD, associate professor of Physics, and undergraduate students, the cohort will work in teams as they undergo an intensive week of project-building, experiments, and demonstrations focusing on renewable energies: solar energy and fuel cell technologies, including their physical basis, generation, storage, transmission, and application. Novel technologies targeted will include conventional and organic solar cells, luminescent materials, and advances in fuel-cell technologies. 

The energy equipment and materials will be used by Dr. Ramos during the regular semesters to catalyze and energize energy-based undergraduate education and research at USciences.

Campers will participate in physics-based games, industrial and research lab tours, and inspiring STEM career talks by women scientists and engineers from the private sector and academia. The camp will end with a capstone Community Energy Show by the newly-minted Energy Girl Ambassadors who will perform their favorite energy demonstrations to a roomful of family, teachers and friends. 

For more information about the Physics Wonder Girls Program, or to learn how to apply, visit the camp website at or contact the camp director, physics professor Dr. Roberto Ramos at or

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