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At USciences, Proven Everywhere Starts Here

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on September 9, 2019

BillboardThis month, University of the Sciences advertisements will be getting a new look. The new marketing campaign for the University, which has a nearly 200 year legacy of educating healthcare and science leaders, is focused on the next generation of USciences students and all that they will achieve when they are #ProvenEverywhere. 

Focused on highlighting the bright futures of USciences Alumni, the new campaign remains focused on the rewarding outcomes of a USciences education, which is proven by the success of alumni throughout the University’s history. USciences is ranked #1 among colleges in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware for alumni salary after graduation by the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard data and boasts alumni who have founded major healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, and other pioneering individuals who have made significant contributions to their fields. 

This campaign goes further, highlighting the innovation, rewarding patient interactions, and breakthroughs that alumni experience. With a message that “Proven Everywhere Starts Here,” the campaign reaches out to prospective students to share the possibilities that a USciences education offers at a lower and fixed tuition. Other messages include “You Are Our Next Breakthrough” and “All Our Students Major in Outcomes” “Lab Tested. Real-World Proven.” and “Your Future in Healthcare is Proven Here.”

BillboardA vibrant light technique highlights the spark that is ignited or fostered in students who attend USciences and is the passion that leads them as they graduate to healthcare and science careers. 

“This new marketing captures the special spark or quality that makes USciences students unique,” said Paul Katz, MD, USciences President. “When fostered and nurtured by our University community, it creates something really special, and it is that cultivated spark that leads to pioneering breakthroughs and excellent outcomes for alumni. This campaign captures the unique attributes of the USciences experience and will be integral to continuing to raise awareness about our incredible community.”

This campaign, as with the previous USciences advertisements, features real USciences students as the face of the University, so you’ll notice familiar faces like, Emily Pasqualetto DrOT’23, Stephany Romero BMS’21, Koa Pham PharmD’22, and Amber Jones PhD’22, and others throughout the campaign.

Behind the Scenes The campaign was created in partnership with Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB&C), a firm from Wilmington, Del., which has helped to create award winning marketing campaigns with USciences for the last several years. 

The colorful and vivid advertisements are appearing on billboards, public transit, targeted TV and cable TV spots, online radio stations, and in digital advertisements.

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