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43rd and Woodland: A New Podcast for USciences Students and Alumni

By Colleen Chase

Published on October 1, 2019

USciences Young Professional Organization (YPO) is bringing professional development content to your fingertips. YPO is excited to introduce 43rd and Woodland, a new podcast by USciences Young Professionals curated to help students and young alumni navigate career and life. 

From career advice from USciences alumni, to inspiring personal stories, leadership and more, USciences Young Professionals encourages you to stay connected with fellow alumni through 43rd and Woodland. YPO is dedicated to helping young professionals and students in the early stages of their careers. In upcoming episodes, listeners will hear from alumni who are committed to helping you sharpen your skills, and provide their expertise when it comes to helping our community advance their professional and personal development.

“The YPO Steering Committee has worked diligently over the last year to execute creative ways to engage with alumni and students. A priority of the committee from the start was to create avenues for peer-to-peer alumni engagement to exist in a digital space. We are very proud of their efforts and look forward to tuning in to each new episode,” said Rob Rudd, Vice President of Institutional Advancement. 

The first episode is now available on Spotify or Anchor by searching 43rd and Woodland. Listeners will hear from the innovative alumni behind the podcast, YPO Steering Committee members, Sean Ahern PharmD’19 and Jared Hunter HumSci‘16. Dr. Ahern and Hunter introduce their new effort and discuss the value of being part of the YPO community, an alumni affinity group and how the idea of a podcast came to be. 

“We hope the podcast evolves into an interactive experience for our listeners,” said Dr. Ahern. “The podcast was created to spark conversation and for alumni to share the invaluable lessons they have learned in their careers with the USciences community. We encourage listeners to comment on our posts, or even record a video message through Anchor that we can share with the community.”  

As young professionals giving back their time and talents to the university, making resources like 43rd and Woodland accessible to students and alumni was one of the first projects the YPO choose to tackle. “Trips back to campus are not always an option for those living out-of-state or out on rotations in their professional years. A podcast is convenient for most. The goal is for alumni and students to maintain their connection to the university no matter where they are geographically,” said Rudd.  

“One thing I notice when my peers and I get together is that we always talk about our stories and memories at USciences,” said Hunter. “The classes were tough and our studies stressful. We were just figuring out our lives, and we all seemed to get through it at the end of the day with our classmates’ support. I hope the podcast creates the same feeling for alumni and students.” 

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