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USciences Prepared Doris Forestal PhD’18 for the Future of Global Regulatory Affairs

By Katherine Tancredi

Published on May 24, 2018

Doris ForestalDoris Forestal PhD’18 (Health Policy), Director of Global Labeling Therapeutic Area Head for Oncology in the Global Regulatory Affairs department at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, pursued her doctorate degree to further her career. At USciences, she was provided the experience necessary to be better prepared for the future of her industry.

“My PhD in health policy provided me with sophisticated knowledge on the evolution of health care, the new drivers and health care determinants to tailor research and development and treatment delivery in order to improve health outcomes,” said Forestal. “Thus, I have already become a more effective health leader who understands the new health care dynamics and applies new paradigms to address regulatory issues.”

In the future, Forestal hopes to continue her work in global regulatory affairs, with the goal of tailoring her research to impact global public health.    

“In 5 to 10 years, I hope to have a position with increasing responsibility in Global Regulatory Affairs or more direct responsibility in health policy, commensurate to my employer's needs,” she said. “I would also like to tailor my research to impact global health.”

Initially drawn to University of the Sciences’ reputation in the healthcare and pharmacy fields, Forestal said she was pleased to see the extensive curriculum offered in the health policy program.

The low student to faculty ratio of the health policy program allowed Forestal to have more access to her professors and better opportunities for intellectual discourse. Of the faculty she encountered, adjunct professor of health policy and public health Tamar Klaiman, MPH, PhD, had the most significant impact on her USciences career.

“Her health policy experience, deep research expertise, and constant encouragement were very motivating and helped me stay the course, such that I completed my degree,” recalled Forestal.

Forestal was proud that during her time as a student she had the opportunity to make contributions to the literature on electronic prescriptions and their impact on new prescription abandonment.

For incoming students, Forestal has the following advice.

“Have clear goals, be committed and remain disciplined through the program,” said Forestal. “A completion plan with specific milestones really helped me stay focused and reach my goals in a timely manner. Prospective students should also enjoy this experience, as they will have the privilege to meet professors and classmates who will enrich their knowledge.”  

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