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USciences Launches Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on August 16, 2018

University of the Sciences has launched a graduate certificate in health informatics to help healthcare practitioners and IT professionals understand how informatics functions in healthcare to increase their value in a variety of professions.

“What sets this program apart from other programs is its focus on educating health professionals how to navigate the complex world of Health Informatics from their own perspective,” said Mark Nestor, EdD, the University’s Chief Information Officer. “The learner gets the opportunity to apply the teachings to his/her own professional environment.”

This four-course, 12-credit online program will discuss which policies shape health informatics and examine how data drives healthcare decision-making management.  The program is designed to fit the schedule of a working professional with asynchronous courses offered over two semesters with just 2 courses per semester.

Courses will focus on data collection and processing, data privacy and security, regulations governing healthcare IT, database management, major programming languages/coding standards and strategic planning in health informatics.

“This fully online, asynchronous program is designed for the working health professional,” said Peter Miller, PhD, provost and vice president of academic affairs. “Coming from nearly two centuries of educating healthcare professionals, graduates of this USciences programs will learn health informatics from the health professional perspective and be ready to apply the material almost immediately.”

This certificate program can help individuals enjoy careers in healthcare Information technology or as chief medical information officers, and chief security information officers. As health data proliferates and companies are investing in big data, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, data privacy and security and information systems management have become increasingly important. 

Skilled health informatics professionals should enjoy more opportunities, including the ability to develop mobile and medical apps with this wave of data and information in the healthcare sector. With a graduate certificate in health informatics you can create value for you and your organization by staying on top of a rapidly changing field.

USciences multidisciplinary faculty are practitioners in the field applying their knowledge to teaching. The curriculum blends theory and practice to give students a knowledge base that can be applied to a variety of scenarios. 

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