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USciences Grads Highest Paid Among PA, NJ, DE Institutions

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on October 1, 2018

A credit to the great return on investment of a University of the Sciences education, graduates rank as the highest earners in the tri-state area for salary after attending, according to new College Scorecard Data released by the U.S. Department of Education.

USciences graduates on average earn a median annual income of $91,600 a decade after enrolling making them first among graduates from institutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, according to the Scorecard data which was updated with new salary information on Sept. 28, 2018. USciences has been the top among these graduates since the Scorecard was created.  

Highest Median Earnings 10 Years After Enrollment for Grads of Colleges and Universities in PA, NJ, and Del.
1 University of the Sciences, PA $91,600
2 Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ $89,200
3 University of Pennsylvania, PA $85,900
4 Carnegie Mellon University, PA $83,600
5 Lehigh University, PA $81,300

USciences is ranked among the top 10 in the nation for salary after graduation among college and universities with more than 500 graduates enrolled. And for salary, the University is ranked fourth among all institutions in the Mid-Atlantic region. Among those institutions with programs in the health professions and related fields, USciences ranks #7 in the nation for salary after graduation.

The scorecard ranking shows that, on average, USciences alumni earned more than graduates of such schools as Harvard University, Stanford University and Yale University. A high earning potential coupled with a frozen tuition price that allows students to know what they will pay for their degree from the start, means the value of a USciences education is greater than ever.

Highest Median Earnings 10 Years After Enrollment for Grads of Colleges/Universities in U.S. (Enrollment 500+)
1 Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, NY $124,700
2  MCPHS University, MA $116,000


Samuel Merrit University, CA $111,100


 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA $104,700
5 Babson College, MA $96,100
6 Maine Maritime Academy, ME $95,600
7 Stanford University, CA $94,000
8 Georgetown University, DC $93,500
9 University of the Sciences, PA $91,600
10 The University of Texas Health Science Center, TX $90,300

Data on former students’ salaries were available for 3,879 institutions across the United States, including 285 in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware and 608 institutions in the Mid-Atlantic. The data were based on federal tax records of students who had received a federal loan or grant, regardless of whether they graduated.

The College Scorecard database, which includes data from 1996 through 2018, gives families access to the most complete and unbiased data regarding the costs and benefits of higher education institutions throughout the country. The tool was developed by the U.S. Department of Education in 2015 as a unique and trusted tool for families to use as they compare colleges and universities across the nation.

The data sources include annual surveys which all institutions are required to submit to the federal government. Users can sort schools by their students’ median earnings, the average annual cost, and graduation rates. The scorecards are meant to provide students, families, and their advisers with a truer picture on college cost and value.

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