Sahas Chandragiri BMS’20 Found Proven Pathway to Medical School at USciences

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on October 26, 2018

SSahas Chandragiriahas Chandragiri BMS’20 comes from a family of doctors. His father and grandfather are both physicians. His brother is already pursuing medical school. However, more than this family tradition, Chandragiri says that the advising and preparation he has received at University of the Sciences has prepared him for success applying to medical school in the coming years.

“Since USciences is such a small school, my pre-med advisors are able to give me individualized attention, help me choose my classes, and give me ideas of volunteer opportunities or skills that will help an application to med school,” said Chandragiri, who is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences.

Chandragiri, who is also on the university’s tennis and golf teams, was worried about striking the right balance between sports and studies during his time at the University but found that success in one helped him to find success in the other.

“I started thinking about studying like it is tennis practice and exams like matches,” said Chandragiri. “I got so into it and it was fun and challenging. I realized I actually enjoyed learning new material, studying hard, and the process of learning.”

Being a part of the University’s pre-med program has given Chandragiri insight into what medical schools are looking for in applicants and the opportunities to ensure he has those attributes and is prepared for the challenging coursework ahead.

“I learned so much more about the people and so much more about the program because it is a smaller school and I get individualized attention from my advisors,” he said. Chandragiri said the University’s partnerships with several medical schools is also beneficial because it provides a clear pathway to future success and a roadmap to follow which has helped others before him succeed. The program offers shadowing experiences and opportunities for students to strengthen their future applications to medical school.

In addition to putting work in on the court and in the classroom, Chandragiri participated in the University’s Pre-Med Society and became involved in other organizations on campus, including becoming a USciences Ambassador, greeting prospective students and giving tours, and as vice president of Circle K, a volunteer organization.

Additionally, USciences is a small University with the benefits of a big institution, he said. The campus feels suburban, providing a quiet place to study, plenty of green space, and a close-knit community but at the same time you can easily access Center City and the heart of University City’s neighboring universities and the restaurants, shops, and activities they have to offer.

“It is a perfect place where you aren’t overwhelmed and you have a place to study and work hard, but you can walk five minutes in any direction and you are in the heart of the city with all the benefits,” Chandragiri said.

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