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No Payne, No Gain for Minority Scholarship Recipients

By Brian Kirschner

Published on March 21, 2018
Christian Ruffin PharmD’18 poses with Altona Payne

Scholarship recipient Christian Ruffin PharmD’18 poses with Altona Payne, wife of the late Delbert S. Payne who is memorialized with the scholarship that bears his name.


Christian Ruffin PharmD’18 has his sights set on working as a clinical pharmacist after graduation and perhaps later getting a law or business degree. Helping to ease his path forward was receiving the Delbert S. Payne Endowed Scholarship, which is awarded to one African American student each year at USciences.

The scholarship was established in 2010 by a former Rohm & Haas employee, the late John C. Haas, in honor of his longtime friend and former colleague Delbert S. Payne. Payne served on the USciences board of trustees from 1990 until April 2011 when he retired from the board and the chair position he had held since 2000. Payne’s tenure on the board was marked by historic growth and development of the University. Unfortunately, he would pass away in May 2011 just a short time after his retirement.

It’s a fitting tribute that the scholarship bearing his name is tailored to relieving financial stress so students can grow and develop while on their career paths.

“The scholarship helped me focus on my education rather than worry about my tuition,” said Ruffin. “It’s a huge stress relief knowing that a large part of my tuition is covered, and it makes finding funds for the semester a lot easier.”

Payne’s wife Altona Payne regularly meets with scholarship recipients and takes an active role in following their trajectories.

“The scholarship was such a surprise when it was created by Del’s colleague and friend John Haas and has become a wonderful way to help young students while also being a lasting memory of Del,” Altona said.

“I’ve met Ms. Payne on a couple of occasions, and she has been so encouraging and supportive of my education,” said Ruffin. “Receiving this scholarship has further motivated me to become a successful pharmacist.”

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