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New Residence Hall On The Rise

By Jenna Pizzi

Published on August 6, 2018

Residence HallRising six stories from what, just a few months ago, was an empty lot where the former Alexander Wilson Elementary School was razed, University of the Sciences’ new residence hall at 46th and Woodland Avenue is more than halfway complete.

The new, 426-bed residence hall and multi-use building is on track to be completed this winter and will provide contemporary amenities to campus and space for the community and friends of the University, said Craig Washington, the University’s capital projects manager. The residence hall will set the standard for dynamic living and learning communities with state-of-the-art classroom and learning spaces alongside living and retail spaces. It will provide an environment worthy of the University’s high-performing students. 

“We look forward to the completion of our new residence hall and sharing the facility with the campus community and our neighbors,” said Dr. Paul Katz, University president. “This building will help to improve the student experience for those who will call it ‘home,’ while also providing a state-of-the-art learning community for those students who won’t live in the building and members of the West Philadelphia community.”

Residence Hall Center

The U-shaped buildings will feature classroom space, offices for Residence Life staff and apartments for staff as well as two, active ground floor retail locations. Upstairs, the building will feature double occupancy rooms with private bathrooms. Lounges, study spaces, and laundry areas are strategically located on each floor.

rendering inside“There are a lot of amenities that students will find, which are improved from current housing options on campus,” said Washington. “There is going to be a lot of technology incorporated into the build and it was designed with accessibility in mind.”

Since the University broke ground on the project in September, the bones of the building been constructed. The building’s exterior will be completed by the end of September when crews will begin working on the interior and courtyard spaces. The building is scheduled to open in the middle of the 2018-19 academic year.

In addition to housing for University students, the new building will include classroom, retail, and office space. There will also be an open-air courtyard for students and neighbors to use. The building sits on the site of the former Alexander Wilson Elementary School. USciences took ownership of the site in July 2015 from the School District of Philadelphia after the school had been closed.

Residence Hall

The University continues to work with our neighbors in the surrounding West Philadelphia community as this project is ongoing. The new building will incorporate a large mural created by the Mural Arts Program to mirror the mural that was on the Wilson Elementary School and much beloved by the neighbors.  USciences has been working with Mural Arts on this project and the organization was able to find the original artist, who created the elementary school’s mural, to re-create his work on the new building.

In addition to the new residence hall project, the University also has crews building three new classrooms on campus. Two classrooms will be outfitted in previously undeveloped space on the third floor of the University’s Integrated Professional Education Complex (IPEX).

The IPEX classrooms will be able to accommodate up to 45 students and include standard lecture technology. A similar classroom space will be installed on the second floor of Wilson Hall, repurposing one of the rooms into classroom space.


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