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Jaspal Brar BI’18 Presented with USciences Founders’ Day Student Award of Merit

Jaspal Brar

Left to right: Dr. Peter Miller, provost; Dr. Paul Katz, president; 2018 Student Award of Merit winner Jaspal Brar BI’18; Dean of Students Ross Radish; and Board Chairman Marvin Samson. Credit Scott Hewitt Photography/University of the Sciences

Jaspal Brar BI’18 was awarded the annual Founders’ Day Student Award of Merit on Feb. 15, 2018. The award is presented to an outstanding student who “exemplifies the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of USciences’ founders. 

Brar, who is on track to graduate with a biology degree this May, has two published articles including an article on his research entitled “A novel anti-triple negative breast cancer compound isolated from medicinal herb Myrothamnus flabellifolius” in the Journal of Medicinal Plan Research. The Ridgewood, N.J. resident has participated in six presentations at both regional and international conferences and has also won no less than five awards. Most recently, first places for poster presentation at the American Society of Plant Biologist Conference in December of 2018 and for facilitated presentation at the Alpha Chi Symposium in April of 2017.

Each year, Founders’ Day at USciences recognizes its establishment on Feb. 23, 1821, as Philadelphia College of Pharmacy—the first college of pharmacy in North America, which is now a part of USciences. In addition, President and CEO of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia George M. Wohlreich, MD, MA, was bestowed an honorary doctor of science degree while merit awards were presented to current undergraduate and graduate students, and staff and faculty members. For more, visit

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