With Ribbons for Peace Event, Students Embrace Cultural Diversity on Campus

By Fatima Ali

By Fatima Ali PharmD’18

Ali is president of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy’s Student Council. In January she led the organizational efforts for Ribbons for Peace, an event at USciences in which students handed out orange ribbons symbolizing cultural diversity on campus.

Ribbons for Peace organizersRibbons for Peace was inspired by Martin Luther King's service to others and his everlasting message of peace and kindness toward one another whilst accepting each other's differences and cultural values. The orange ribbon symbolizes cultural diversity as pink does breast cancer and purple does domestic violence awareness.

Cultural diversity to me means people of all backgrounds joining as one to appreciate and value each other’s differences by learning from one another and yearning to work together. My inspiration behind Ribbons for Peace came from MLKs message of peace, diversity, and kindness toward one another regardless of race, religion, or cultural ethnicity. Furthermore, I wanted to see the USciences campus community unite and reach out to other students, faculty and staff members by distributing the symbolic orange ribbons to one another.

Fatima AliStudent groups such as Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Student Council, Student Government Association, and other cultural/religious groups joined together in this effort. The PCP Student Council executive board and I reached out to the presidents of 10 organizations, inviting them to collaborate with us.

A group of 40 students packaged over 2,500 ribbons for the campus community. Upon distributing the ribbons, students, faculty and staff alike were very receptive to the idea of cultural diversity ribbons. They enjoyed wearing them on their jackets and placing them on backpacks, purses, and lanyards. Students who didn’t know about the project before seeing their classmates passing around the ribbon on campus even asked to bring some ribbons to their classes and share them with peers and faculty.Ribbons for Peace table

The ribbons indirectly fostered conversations and interaction between students, faculty, and staff. In the future, we hope to expand this project to surrounding communities and universities. We believe that our cultural diversity drives us toward new partnerships, innovations, prosperity, and a brighter future.

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