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USciences to Grow Summer Internships at Sigmapharm Laboratories

By Brian Kirschner

Sigmapharm LaboratoriesFive University of the Sciences undergraduate students from the pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacology/toxicology programs parlayed their classroom learnings into real-world experience when they had the opportunity to participate in a four-week internship this past summer at Sigmapharm Laboratories in Bensalem, Pa.

The students interned either in the analytical chemistry department or in the research and development departments of Sigmapharm Laboratories, an innovative pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and manufacture of unique generic oral solid dosage forms.

“Over the past academic year Zhiyu Li (PhD, associate professor and director of undergraduate pharmacology/toxicology program), Jackie Otto (student academic specialist), and I worked in partnership with the management at Sigmapharm Laboratories to establish a dedicated internship program,” said Anil D’Mello, PhD, professor and director of the undergraduate program in pharmaceutical science. “Sigmapharm was impressed with the quality of our students and their work ethic. I was told by one senior manager that all of the interns from USciences performed exceptionally well and were clearly well prepared for the internship experience.”

Some of the research done by the students will be presented at the USciences’ 2018 Research Day. Even better, the students’ success has opened the door for a dedicated annual summer internship that may even be expanded to an eight-week session.

“We are currently reviewing the program from 2017, learning from our experiences, and are in the process of refining the internship program to better meet the needs of our students and Sigmapharm,” said Dr. D’Mello.

Evangelina Olivera PhSci’19“Sigmapharm gave me an introduction into the pharmaceutical industry and strengthened my interest in the research and development field. In four weeks I created relationships that will last a lifetime and engaged in an unforgettable experience.” Evangelina Olivera PhSci’19

Parth Patel PH/TX’19"My time at Sigmapharm opened my eyes to the nature of the industry, and gave me skills that have had an immediate impact in all my subsequent lab work." Parth Patel PH/TX’19

Traci Pressley PH/TX’19"Through this opportunity I was able to gain insight into possible career choices available to me, and the networking opportunities were invaluable!" Traci Pressley PH/TX’19

Anjelica Mitropoulos PhSci’18“Sigmapharm Laboratories was very welcoming to me and treated me as one of their own employees. I gained a lot of experience and was given the opportunity to see how a pharmaceutical company functions.” Anjelica Mitropoulos PhSci’18

Nhu Truong PhSci’19“Sigmapharm presented me a friendly, welcoming environment and I learned a tremendous amount about how a pharmaceutical company is truly like!”Nhu Truong PhSci’19


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