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USciences PharmD Program Leads to Opportunity for Alumna

By Katherine Tancredi

Dorela PriftanjiAs soon as she visited University of the Sciences and had the opportunity to meet with the professors, staff, and other students, Dorela Priftanji PharmD’17 knew she had found a new home.

“It is vital to be around those who want to see you grow and succeed,” said Dr. Priftanji. “Feeling that I was cared for and supported, even before starting classes, was so special to me, and I knew I had found a home.”

Although the pharmacy program was rigorous, Dr. Priftanji received motivation and guidance from her three mentors, vice chair for experiential learning StevenSheaffer P’75, PharmD’78; vice chair for the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Administration Jean Scholtz, PharmD; and associate professor of clinical pharmacy Angela Bingham, PharmD.

“I owe many of my accomplishments and successes to my family and mentors,” said Dr. Priftanji. “I cannot recall a moment where they failed to guide, motivate, or encourage me. I still cannot believe how fortunate I am to have gained such invaluable support.”

Out of her accomplishments at USciences, Dr. Priftanji is most proud of the people she has impacted.

“There is nothing more fulfilling than returning to campus as a P4 student and receiving questions for advice from undergraduates or P1 to P3 students, some who I have never met before,” said Dr. Priftanji. “I am proud to be someone who others look up to and can count on as a mentor for their own successes throughout pharmacy school.” 

After graduation, Dr. Priftanji will begin a two-year health system pharmacy administration residency program at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. This residency is combined with a master of business administration degree from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Her experiences at USciences helped prepare her for this exciting next step.  

“It did not take long for me to realize that a PharmD from USciences opens as many doors as you choose to knock on,” said Dr. Priftanji. “I feel confident that this degree helped me develop one of the most important skills as a student, that of being a lifelong self-learner. Critical thinking, flexibility, and willingness to learn are characteristics that can lead to success in any setting.” 

As she moves forward in her career, she hopes to work toward advancing pharmacy services to improve patient care. She is confident that her education and postgraduate training will help her develop the skills necessary to become a health-system pharmacy leader.

For incoming students, Dr. Priftanji offers some advice:

“Take advantage of the opportunities!” said Dr. Priftanji. “USciences prepares students to be successful by offering irreplaceable experiences. If you find your passion and pursue it, all of the resources are available for you to achieve your dreams.”

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