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USciences Lowers Tuition for Fall 2018 Incoming Class

Published on September 6, 2017

“At USciences, we don’t want the cost of education to deter any student from one of our exceptional programs.”

-- Patricia Vanston, PhD, vice president, business development and enrollment management

Lower Tuition. Top 10 Earnings.University of the Sciences is lowering tuition beginning in the fall of 2018 offering incoming students and their families price transparency, so that they will know the cost of attending USciences before they even apply.

“We want more students and their families to be part of our rich heritage and nearly 200-year history. To make a USciences’ education — that leads to rewarding healthcare and science careers — financially within reach,” said USciences president Dr. Paul Katz.

Students who enroll as undergraduates for fall 2018 will not pay more than $25,000 per year in tuition and general fees until they complete their degree. And for those students accepted into one of USciences accelerated, six-year doctoral programs in pharmacy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy, that tuition has also been lowered and simplified to a total cost of $190,000.

While this new pricing does not include room and board, it offers a significant tuition reduction over current “sticker” prices and locks in the cost of a student’s education for their entire career. One of the unique aspects of USciences’ tuition reset, is that the initiative combines the lowering of the tuition with a cohort-based freeze that also takes into account the six-year professional doctoral programs.

“Every parent wants to be able to provide the very best education for their child. At USciences, we don’t want the cost of education to deter any student from one of our exceptional programs,” said Dr. Patricia Vanston, Vice President for Business Development and Enrollment Management. “By lowering our tuition, we are addressing this concern. In general, all students and parents will know exactly what to expect to pay for their USciences education. There will be no hidden fees, price increases, or surprises during the course of their education.”

In addition, USciences is freezing tuition for its current students. For the remainder of their studies, current students will no longer see the approximately 3.5% to 4% historic annual price increases that had been added to tuition in the past.

The USciences’ tuition reset is one part of many investments and changes being made to ensure the future success of USciences as it approaches its 200th anniversary:

  • Under President Katz, the University is positioned to be more proactive to the changing trends in the arenas of healthcare and higher education, while focusing on both traditional and nontraditional students.
  • A new 400-bed, mixed-used residence hall will open in the winter of 2018-19 that will serve both the campus and the USciences’ neighboring community.
  • USciences students continue to have success after graduation with 96 percent of its graduates employed or accepted to graduate school within six months of graduating, and according to the College Scorecard data from the Department of Education, ranking in the top 10 in the nation for median annual salary ($91,800) a decade after enrolling.

“All of us at USciences are invested in the success of our students and are striving to be more student-centric,” said Dr. Katz. “By launching new programs, building new facilities, and growing our proud and storied legacy, USciences is continuing our commitment to support our students on their pathway to rewarding careers. Our lower tuition, is just one of the thousands of reasons to take a look at USciences.”