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USciences Alumnus Gets a Competitive Edge in the Advertising Industry

By Katherine Tancredi

Paolo AragonaAs an incoming freshman at University of the Sciences, Paolo Aragona PHB’12 set out on a path toward a career in health and wellness. Along the way, he figured out exactly which field he wanted to pursue.     

“I wanted to be in the business of communication and creativity where I could work with people to influence the structure and ideologies of how we perceive and manage health,” Aragona explained.

His career objective has led to his current role as a copy supervisor at a full-service advertising in New York City. His job requires him to analyze research, write in various forms and tones depending on the audience, and collaborate with art directors to develop creative concepts to be presented to current and potential clients. His coursework at USciences helped him to learn the skills needed to do his job effectively.

“My degree prepared me by giving me opportunities to hone my public speaking skills, challenging me to work well with different types of people, and providing me with specialized knowledge within the healthcare space, all of which was within a ‘live’ environment to help familiarize with how things would actually occur within the industry,” Aragona said.

Aragona’s career in copywriting was inspired by his coursework he at USciences, particularly courses with undergraduate pharmaceutical and healthcare business program director and associate professor Richard T. Minoff, MBA. 

“The path to my professional copywriting career would not be the same, if it were not for his candid and supportive mentorship and the valuable lessons I learned in his classes,” Aragona recalled.

Aside from his core classes, Aragona’s communications and humanities courses helped him to develop his conceptual thinking and nurture his emotional intelligence. He also appreciated the opportunity to supplement his science coursework with classes at the University of the Arts.

“I think even a basic appreciation of the arts—in whatever capacity—is important in bringing balance to one’s knowledge and experiences,” Aragona said.

In addition to his coursework at USciences, Aragona has fond memories of the close-knit connections he made along the way, during retreats, projects, and study groups. He also directed and performed with USciences’ iNERT!A dance team at various campus and community events.

For prospective students, Aragona offers some advice.

“Be passionate in whatever you do,” Aragona said. “Be open to new experiences. Educate yourself on and experience other cultures. Read. Develop and maintain emotional intelligence and empathy. Maintain mindfulness. Remember names. Be on time—all the time. Take ownership of your mistakes—they will happen sometimes, and its ok, just make sure you learn from them.”  

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