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Unique Business Program Allows Student to Pursue Business and Healthcare

By Katherine Tancredi

Paul VentoPaul Vento PHB’17 started his college search torn between two very different majors: physical therapy and business. It seemed like he had to make a choice between the two, until he found University of the Sciences and its unique pharmaceutical healthcare business program, which provides students with experience in both business and science.

“Once I saw this healthcare-centric business major that USciences had to offer, I knew this would be the perfect fit for me,” said Vento. “It balanced my business mindset and desire to impact people’s lives.”

Vento enjoyed his experience at USciences, particularly the close-knit nature of the pharmaceutical healthcare business program and the relationships that grew from being a part of it.

“The experience was challenging—very challenging—at times, but equally rewarding,” said Vento. “The program has been nothing short of amazing. I will always remember the tight-knit major I was part of that allowed me to bond with everyone in it.”

“My experience on the Mayes College business retreat impacted me the most,” said Vento. “When I was voted the breakout star, I knew I was doing something right. Then, I returned to the retreat my junior year where I was voted mentor of the year and my team won the Mayes Cup. Those experiences built my confidence, which was very important to me.”

As he heads toward graduation and the start of his career, Vento hopes to make an impact in the digital marketing world and take on a leadership role in the industry. He hopes to explore utilizing smartphone applications in the healthcare sector. Overall, he feels that USciences’ unique program, which blends business and science, prepared him for his career.

“Only a few schools in the country offer such a program,” said Vento. “The program has given me a leg-up against other people looking to get into the field because of its specialized nature. I know that wherever I start my career, I can count on using my knowledge of the industry.”

For incoming students, Vento has some advice:

“Get involved, because you will take something valuable away from each experience,” said Vento. “If you need anything, reach out to your professors; they are on your team. Create good habits early and your life will be easier the rest of the way. Have fun with the people you meet and make memories along the way. Last, enjoy being in Philadelphia because it has so much to offer.”

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