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New USciences Ad Campaign Supports Tuition Reset

By Jenna Pizzi

University of the Sciences has launched an exciting, new marketing campaign in support of its recently announced tuition reset. The new campaign turns up the volume from the successful Proven Everywhere campaign launched two years ago that focused on the outcomes of a USciences education with the ads showcasing the great value of that education.

The ads, which were created in partnership with Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB&C) out of Wilmington, Del., feature current USciences students and speak to the lower tuition message while emphasizing USciences’ new programs, expanded facilities, hands-on research opportunities. In addition, the campaign extends the Proven Everywhere outcomes message that highlighted the University’s alumni who go on to rewarding careers in the science and healthcare fields. It also further integrates the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard data, which shows USciences is top 10 in the nation for median graduate salary a decade after enrolling.

Helmet Camera

The new commercial provides a unique first-person camera perspective to make the viewer see themselves at USciences. The custom camera rig, made from a motorcycle helmet with a high-definition camera and monitors mounted to it, was worn by students during the commercial shoot to capture a student-eye view of the USciences’ experience. The camera was created by the production company, Eskimo. 

Focused on sharing with prospective students and their families the many valuable advantages offered to students and alumni, the new television and radio ads convey that there are “thousands of reasons to take a look at USciences.” In other ads, this value is communicated through several engaging headlines including: “Lower Tuition. Top 10 in Earnings.”; “The tuition equation just got easier.”; “Our students amount to more for less.”; and “Tuition. One less hurdle on the road to success.”

“What’s made the USciences brand so effective and authentic is that we’ve always used real students,” said Steve Merino, chief creative officer at Aloysius Butler & Clark. “It would have been much easier to create a simple, but more permanent camera rig for a director of photography to wear. But instead, the production company developed a one-of-a-kind camera mount that could be worn easily. This approach was more difficult, but it allowed us to feature the hands and arms of all different students—both male and female, from all different backgrounds and majors.”

Reset campaign bus stopThe colorful and vivid advertisements are appearing on billboards, public transit, targeted TV and cable TV spots, and radio stations throughout the region. The commercial will also run via a variety of online media channels and on Channel One News in high schools.

The campaign launched simultaneously with the Sept. 6, 2017, announcement that the University will reset tuition beginning in fall 2018. This reset will offer incoming students and their families price transparency, so they will know the cost of attending USciences before they even apply.

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Award-Winning Campaign

The tuition reset campaign, spearheaded by USciences marketing and communications team, was recognized for excellence by the College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals and the 33rd Annual Education Advertising Awards.

Reset campaign bus 

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