New Grad Certificate in Health Education and Communication Launched at USciences

By Brian Kirschner

University of the Sciences has launched a graduate certificate in health education and communication to help students and professionals make an impact in careers in healthcare, health policy, public health, biomedical writing, and other health-related business areas where conveying vital information, increasing effectiveness of patient-provider interactions, and effectively educating patients and prospective clients can lead to saving lives.

“Health Communication is a growing concern in all branches of public health and medicine,” said Pamela Z. Poe, PhD, MPH, CHES, a visiting assistant professor in health communication. “Many career directions are possible as a result of completing this new USciences certificate. Busy public health professionals will find the flexibility of this certificate in both electives and core content to be an asset to help tailor the program to unique needs and interests.”

Through a combination of training and practical experience, the 15-credit certificate program addresses key competencies in health education and communication, including constructing health education interventions, improving patient-provider communication, addressing health literacy issues, and creating social media for health awareness and behavioral change.

“Health communication is often the ‘make or break’ point for success in medical practice, hospital ratings, and medical school admissions,” Dr. Poe said.  “In the current decade, health communication continues to be a main focus for improving services offered by many types of health providers.”

Students can complete the certificate program in as little as one year, while developing portfolio projects and networking connections. Students are required to take three core graduate courses and two additional electives from a wide selection of possibilities in health research and practice. The flexible curriculum includes evening and part-time classes for busy professionals.

“The U.S. national health agenda Healthy People 2020 now includes 13 measurable objectives related to ‘Health Communication and Health IT.’  Our new Graduate Certificate in Health Education and Communication addresses each of these objectives and more,” Dr. Poe added.

Learn more about the graduate certificate in health education and communication.

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