Medical Humanities Blends Healthcare Education with Arts and Humanities

Medical HumanitiesUniversity of the Sciences’ Medical Humanities major offers humanities instruction for those students interested in pursuing a career in the sciences.

The major includes interdisciplinary instruction in humanities, such as literature, philosophy, ethics, history and religion, with the arts, theatre and film, while students fulfill natural science requirements, said Kevin Murphy PhD, chair of the department of humanities.

By studying these subjects together, students hone their abilities of observation, analysis, empathy, and self-reflection—skills crucial to providing humane healthcare. The humanities and arts provide insight into the human condition, suffering, personhood, and our responsibility to each other. They also offer a historical perspective on healthcare.

“We have seen Humanities graduates go on to medical and veterinary school, secondary education certification programs, work in laboratories, administrative positions and on to graduate work in a variety of sciences as well as the Humanities,” said Dr. Murphy.

The program also prepares students for the MCAT, which has recently incorporated a critical analysis and reasoning skills section in order to help medical schools assess a student’s critical thinking skills.

The major is excellent preparation for careers in health law practice, health education wellness programs, pharmaceutical sales, health care administration, various positions in insurance companies and hospitals, and many others. It also creates the appropriate foundation for graduate work or further study in the health professions including dentistry, health administration, nursing, occupational and physical therapy, physician assistant studies, and social work, among others.

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