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Dr. Michael A. Robert Named Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at USciences

By Jenna Pizzi

Robert MichaelMichael A. Robert, PhD, has been named assistant professor of applied mathematics at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. He comes to USciences with experience from University of New Mexico where he conducted mathematical modeling of the emergence, spread, and control of infectious diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya, and Zika virus.

Dr. Robert’s research focuses on using models to understand the anthropogenic, ecological, evolutionary, and epidemiological processes that contribute to the emergence and spread of mosquito-borne diseases as well as modeling novel mechanisms for mosquito-borne disease control, such as the development and release of genetically modified mosquitoes. He has previously presented his research throughout the country and attended a meeting about dengue transmission in Cordoba, Argentina, to lead a day-long workshop about the modeling and analysis of disease transmission.

At USciences, Dr. Robert will teach calculus and other mathematics courses. He hopes to engage undergraduates in research while weaving interesting, new applications of mathematics into the classroom. In every class, he attempts to include applications from his own work as well as those related to the academic interests of students.

Dr. Robert, a native of Pearl, Miss., obtained his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Mississippi State University and his doctorate degree in biomathematics and a minor in statistics from North Carolina State University.

Dr. Robert currently resides in Philadelphia with his partner Chris and dog Kirby.

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