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Dr. Abolfazl Saghafi Named Assistant Professor of Statistics at USciences

By Jenna Pizzi

Abolfazl Saghafi, PhD, has been named assistant professor of statistics at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. He comes to USciences with more than nine years of teaching experience and eight years of statistical consulting. 

Dr. Saghafi’s endeavors in applied mathematics and statistics has proven valuable for solving practical, real-world problems, reflected by the diversity of journals that have published his work and by the multiplicity of collaborators from various disciplines. In 2011, he expounded upon a decades-old limitation by finding a closed form solution for an open problem on the Poisson distributions of order k.

At USciences, Dr. Saghafi will be teaching biostatistics and other statistics courses for both graduate and undergraduate students. His research interests span around a wide range of subjects including but not limited to machine learning, time series classification, biomedical signals, big data, and extreme value probability distributions. Currently, Dr. Saghafi is working on classifying heart sounds and signals to detect heart issues. He is also researching the use of ground-penetrating radar to detect buried objects, such as pipes.

Dr. Saghafi earned his doctorate degree in applied mathematics from Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran, Iran and his second doctorate in statistics from University of South Florida in Tampa, Fla. Dr. Saghafi also earned his master of science degree in mathematical statistics from Shahid Beheshti University and his bachelor of science in statistics from Azad University, both in Tehran.

A native of Karaj, Iran, Dr. Saghafi currently resides in Philadelphia where he enjoys reading Greek philosophy including Socratic dialogues, hymns, and literature and playing tennis in his free time.

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